decatur avenue

The project was about reviving the very old property in the Bronx’s Norwood neighborhood, which was vacant for years and waiting for the right renovation

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Bronx, New York

This two family house is situated in beautiful residential neighborhood Norwood, in the vicinity of the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical garden. Occupied with healthy middle-class families, this neighborhood was thriving. All but the number 3150 at Decatur Avenue. This property was vacant for years before we acquired it. The roof was open, seethrough, while the windows were closed with wooden boards with barely any light coming in for a long time. Power, including gas, electricity, and water, was shut down and even cut off in the street to prevent any accidents.

Given that this is 1915 house and have not been maintained for years, reviving it wasn’t an easy task. Fortunately, the main structure was in good shape so from there we moved to completely fix the roof, put new siding, install new windows, repair interior walls and ceilings, level floors and install new flooring throughout, design and install two new kitchens and two new bathrooms. The backyard was neighbors vegetable garden when we started, so we let him he collect his yield before we cleaned everything and made nice functional backyard.

This house went from being the worst house on the block, where people threw trash or crossed the street rather than passing by, to the most beautiful house on the block.

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